0845 226 9394

0845 226 9394

A high-level anti-microbial solution for everyday use

Extremely safe

Easy to use, single-step cleaner and disinfectant

TECcare CONTROL offers safe and effective single-step cleaning and disinfection for all surfaces in any environment

TECcare® CONTROL offers broad spectrum disinfection

A powerful lytic agent that is lethal to a microbe’s cell structure. Extensive testing in accredited laboratories demonstrates high levels of efficacy in fast contact times for a range of bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Very low chemical concentration yet highly effective

Chlorine free, alcohol free and very low levels of chemicals ensure TECcare CONTROL is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive and food safe

Single step cleaning and disinfection

An all-in-one cleaner and disinfectant, TECcare® CONTROL is easily dosed and allows a single-step cleaning approach to be very user-friendly

Can be used on all surfaces and is residue-free

TECcare CONTROL is a water based disinfectant which contains low levels of non-corrosive chemicals, making it safe to use on all surfaces in any application environment. 

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