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Areas of Use

TECcare manufacture a range of world class antimicrobial technology platforms which are specifically designed to reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination by interrupting key transmission pathways.

The three TECcare antimicrobial technology platforms are TECcare ULTRA, TECcare CONTROL and TECcare PROTECT.

Each technology platform can be adapted for a wide range of uses across a host of application areas.

The effect of microbes can be felt in every aspect of modern life:-

Healthcare settings - hospitals and community care


Numerous NHS Trusts are now using TECcare products throughout both hospitals and community settings to help reduce the risk of infection. Compared to the traditional disinfectants used in healthcare settings TECcare products are non-corrosive, safe, non-toxic, non-irritant, cost effective, easy to use and well-liked by the both domestic and clinical staff.

The comprehensive TECcare product range is specifically designed to reduce the risk of infection from the key transmission pathways of skin (hands), environmental surfaces (including medical devices) and the air. TECcare offer hand and skin sanitising products, wipes sprays and solutions and total room disinfection misting systems.

Educational establishments - nurseries, schools, colleges, universities


Almost without exception at some time in our lives each of us will have been affected by an illness that we have picked up either directly or indirectly from a nursery, school, college or university. The number of children or young adults studying/ living in close proximity to one another means that germs (viruses, bacteria etc.) are easily transferred between individuals.

Some of the most common 'transmission pathways' are people's hands, environmental surfaces (desks, chairs, door handles, toilets etc.) or the air we breathe. TECcare offers a comprehensive product range designed to help us optimise the cleanliness of our hands / skin, environmental surfaces and the air. Keeping these areas as clean as possible can help reduce our risk of infection.



Performing laundry on a large scale such as bedding for the hotel industry or hospitals can be an energy expensive process. TECcare Antimicrobial Technologies have the potential to achieve identical levels of cleanliness whilst reducing the operating temperature of the washing cycle. This results in a significant reduction in the energy cost per wash.

Catering and food preparation


Microbial contamination of food and beverages can have major implications for both consumers and manufacturers. Food poisoning can be mild or severe and last from a matter of hours to several days or even longer in some cases. Facilities that are responsible for the production of contaminated food can be fined significant sums of money and closed until the problem has been satisfactorily addressed.

Some common food poisoning organisms include Campylobacter, Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella.

Food production facilities and catering establishments must create and maintain optimal levels of cleanliness in order to ensure that the food they produce is safe when it is consumed. Key focus areas are skin and hand hygiene, a clean environment and food preparation area.

TECcare offer a range of products to help catering facilities;

  • Skin sanitising rubs and wipes (ideal for staff handling & preparing food)
  • Environmental cleaning wipes, solutions and sprays (perfect for cleaning food preparation areas; sinks; food preparation equipment; mopping floors and cleaning walls)
  • Total room misting systems designed to reach those hard to clean areas often missed by normal cleaning practices

TECcare® products are food safe, effective against the key food poisoning organisms and can create and maintain ultra-high levels of cleanliness in food production and catering facilities, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and spoilage.



For the individual traveller commuting to work on crowded transport systems, or taking a holiday to a new country, travelling can expose us to a wide range of viruses and bacteria either from other people or from new environments, some of which can cause us to fall ill.

TECcare offer a range of skin sanitising products (wipes and hand foams) and also surface cleaning wipes and sprays which can be used to help us reduce the risk of infection when travelling.

For travel service providers it is important to minimise any risk of cross infection to customers. This may mean the installation of hand sanitation stations (for example on cruise ships), the provision of individual hand sanitisers to customers or the regular cleaning and disinfection of aircraft, buses, trains, boats, etc. either by traditional cleaning methods (i.e. wipes, sprays, mops) or by specialist disinfection misting systems which can reach the areas that are often missed by traditional cleaning.

TECcare have a comprehensive product range which is safe, non-corrosive, cost-effective, easy to use, non-toxic, non-irritant, and highly effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, whether you are an individual traveller or a provider of travel services TECcare can help you reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination.

Industrial applications - pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc.


In every industry from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals microbes can have a negative impact - TECcare products are ultimately adaptable to meet all industrial needs from pharmaceuticals to general engineering.



Food security is a growing concern as the world population continues to grow. TECcare products can be adapted to help protect crops and livestock from moulds, yeasts, bacteria and viruses. Whether you are storing crops, preparing and/or maintaining animal housing or looking after livestock, TECcare can help reduce the risk posed by microbes.

Domestic use and applications in and around the home


TECcare products are ideal for use in and around the home. Many common household disinfectants use corrosive, toxic, irritant chemicals to kill household germs. All TECcare products are safe, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive and kill as many - if not more - germs than your normal household disinfectants. TECcare wipes and sprays are ideal for cleaning all areas of your home including kitchens, bathrooms, toilets etc.

Domestic pets


Pets play an important and sometimes essential role in family life. To help keep pets in good condition they should be housed in clean surroundings and their food and water bowls / bottles regularly cleaned and disinfected. TECcare products are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting a whole host of pet related equipment from dog baskets to bird cages to reptile vivariums to rodent cages etc.

Water System Treatment


Given appropriate environmental conditions any water system has the potential to be a source of microbial growth. Common problematic microbes often found in water systems include Pseudomonas and Legionella. The risk posed by the water system will increase if water temperature is 20-45°C, the system stores water and / or if it contains a potential microbial food source such as scale or sludge.

Man-made water systems such as spa tubs (Jacuzzis), cooling towers, storage tanks along with products such as humidifiers, air conditioning systems, decorative indoor fountains etc. can be common sources of bacterial water infections.

Employers and /or landlords with responsibility for the property have a duty to manage the risk posed by water-bourne microbes.

TECcare Antimicrobial Technologies can help with the successful management of water system treatment across a wide range of industries thereby minimising any potential microbial risk and ensuring that the water is fit for purpose and safe for use.

Veterinary science and medicine


Animals are just as susceptible to infections as humans. Therefore veterinary practices, operating rooms, recovery rooms, animal cages and specialist veterinary equipment must be cleaned and maintained to the highest levels in order to minimise any risk of infection to the animals and indeed the humans who are caring for them. With evidence of MRSA passing from animals to humans, it is imperative that hygiene standards are optimal when caring for and treating animals. This could involve the disinfection of veterinary equipment, the cleaning and disinfection of animal cages or holding pens or cleaning and sanitising your hands before and after working with animals or environments where animals are housed.

TECcare products are suitable for a wide range of applications within the field of veterinary medicine and can help protect both the animals and the humans who care for them. TECcare products include hand and skin sanitising wipes; surface cleaning and disinfecting wipes, sprays and solutions; room decontamination misting systems to help disinfect areas missed by routine cleaning.

Is your company looking to develop a range of World class antimicrobial products to meet customer needs in your market? Talk to TECcare about opportunities to license its technology platforms. Contact us today for further information.